Maratha Samaj Seva Mandal's
Chhatrapati Shivaji Night College of Arts & Commerce, Solapur.
President's Message :  

I, Shri Manohar Sapate, the President of Maratha Samaj Seva Manda, Solapur hereby make a fervent appeal especially to the youths of Maharashtra and multi linguistic and also working in diverse fields of society that I have started Chhatrapati Shivaji Night College of Arts and Commerce in Solapur. I am proud to state that I have pioneered the concept of Senior Night College in the whole of Solapur District.

This Night College offers a golden opportunity to those who are engaged in jobs during day time and are especially deprived from  the main stream of society. Our Night College runs on a "Earn While U Learn" principle. Knowledge is Light and Light is Life. Thus, we spread the Light of Knowledge amongst students.

Education is highly essential for a well cultured society. It helps to create well educated and cultured citizens. It helps to build a strong unified India.  Keeping this in mind, we have started many faculties and branches through our Sanstha.

Students are our real assets and their educational development is our aim.                                                                           

                                           Shri. Manohar Sapate (EX. Mayor,SMC)
                                                                  Hon. President,
                                             Maratha Samaj Seva Mandal, Solapur

Principal's Message :  

Dear Students, although you are engaged in various jobs during day time and learn in our Night College, still you are most competent. You are building career through higher education.

I think we should all be alert and concentrate on the studies. It develops our courage and confidence. We will surely guide how to utilize the resources. Since last 30 years many of our Night College students have become govt. officers, artists and best sportsmen. I am well aware that you are the prime component our institution. Ours is the only senior Night College in the whole of Solapur district.

This college has a rich library, a playground and it offers Post Graduate and Research Studies in various subjects. The faculties are highly experienced and qualified.  We are always ready to guide you!

                                                               Dr.Anil Nagnath Barbole